GIAN Group Integrated Sanitisation Program

Keeping Surfaces Cleaner, Longer

In accordance with The World Health Organisation our Quaternary ammonium compounds that include Benzalkonium Choride also known as Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (that is the active ingredient in our Hospital Grade Disinfectant is recommended as an effective active ingredient against
Corona Virus (Covid-19)*. 

GIAN Group has got you covered! Our Integrated Sanitisation Program™ is easily incorporated in to
our general cleaning routine. 

We work with you to provide 360° Degree coverage of 
your commercial space by integrating our sanitisation solutions into our daily routine servicing:



Our hospital grade disinfectant has a unique formula to kill microbes, eliminating the need for alcohol and harsh
chemicals, protecting the skin of users. Through a bio mechanical process, the electrostatic
charge interacts with the bacteria lipid cell layer, resulting in permanent destruction of
bacterial cells. This effectively kills the bacteria and destroys the cell resulting in an inability of
the cell to mutate, providing protection against commonly called ‘super bugs’.

Our disinfectant combines two common substances we use everyday to prevent bacteria and fungal growth on surfaces.  The active ingredient in our solution  is an antimicrobial derived from natural products that graft onto a molecular adhesive.  It's this adhesive that keeps the antimicrobial in place, helping to protect surfaces for much longer periods of time.

GIAN Fogging or Electrostatic
Surface Protectant

Our surface disinfectant is a simple and effective way to kill bacteria and protect surfaces for up to 30 days. It eliminates odour-causing bacteria and inhibits mould and mildew. It will destroy all bacteria on the treated surface.
Allowing the product to dry will also coat the surface with a microscopic protective layer for continuous protection. Ideal for use around children, pets and plants.



Simple, fast and effective, with  flexible service times.
Rooms can be returned  back 10 minutes after treatment.

  • Studio Room - from $75.00*
  • 1 Bedroom - from $95.00*
  • 2 Bedroom - from $115.00* 
  • 3 Bedroom - from $120.00* 

* Minimum qty of rooms apply. 
*Bathrooms charged at $35-$75 extra
*Excludes travel time from Metro GPO

* Exclusive of GST

Mon-Fri: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm

Saturday, Sunday: closed

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