During the COVID-19 pandemic, GIAN Cleaning has been a key contributor in assisting businesses in Aged Care, Healthcare, Hotels and Commercial industries to assist in their infection control processes and provide a fully trained labour force to assist on the frontline. The objective is to work as an extension of your team by providing high level sanitisation services.

GIAN Integrated Sanitisation Program

This is our complete partnering approach and gives you the benefit of all four services as our Corporate partner. 


By partnering with us for the long term, you have piece of mind of having the best and diligent, fully trained staff to look after your residents, staff and facilities!  GIAN’s Quality Assured fully integrated sanitisation program is designed to ensure safe, green and clean environments for our clients through the use of technology, training, integration processes, measurement and controls. “Cleaning clean” is a key objective along with identification of where to focus through evidence based testing and reporting. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have refined and streamlined our medical grade cleaning, sanitisation and specialist services to become cost effective whilst remaining market leading in standards and design.

Our GIAN Institute ensures our staff are: