Gutter Cleaning & Roof Restorations

Preserve the integrity and appearance of your roof with our tailored services. Avoid the effects of time and weather on your roof surfaces with regular gutter cleaning, lichen removal, repainting and more. Using our own boom arm and equipment, our service does not include any hidden fees for third-party machinery.

Gutter Cleaning & Repairs

Clean and functional gutters play a crucial role in channelling rainwater off of your property, but they can become clogged with leaves, debris and other materials. Using our leading vacuum system that can reach 12 metres up from the ground, we maintain your property’s condition safely with our gutter cleaning services, including:

  • Debris Removal and Gutter Flushing: Specialised techniques and tools — including our gutter cleaning vacuum system operated from the ground — to clear debris and resolve blockages.
  • Inspection & Repair: We assess for signs of damage or potential issues that require repair or replacement, and make the necessary fixes to restore functionality
  • Clean Up: We remove all waste and debris, keeping your facility tidy and hygienic.

Maintain the longevity of your gutters by using our skilled team, equipped with the correct equipment, safety techniques and knowledge.

Roof Restoration

Maintaining a secure and structurally sound roof ensures your building can withstand weather and other wear and tear. Extend the lifespan of your property and address any areas that require some renewal to prevent damage from occurring and ensure your building looks exceptional. Our roof restoration services include:

  • Repointing: Refilling the outer mortar of joints between roof capping to prevent water and other debris from damaging your roof, keeping your building dry and secure.
  • Tile Replacement: Careful removal and replacement of damaged and worn tiles using durable adhesives to improve your roof’s visual appeal and condition.
  • Repainting: Enhancing the integrity and longevity of your facility by replacing faded and worn paint with newer coats, protecting your facility from the elements.

Functionality and safety are always maintained when you trust our dedicated staff to look after your roof and property.


Lichen Removal

Lichen growth can cause significant damage and erosion to your roof, leading to cracks and allowing for moisture and other debris to accumulate. Safely remove lichen and protect your roof surface with our expert team, with services including:

  • Fungicide Spraying: Environmentally-friendly chemicals used to eradicate lichen from your roof without damaging any underlying materials.
  • Surface Washing: Comprehensive cleaning of your roof after removal to rejuvenate its appearance and remove any traces of lichen and other debris.
  • Prevention: Recommendations for preventative treatments or coatings that can reduce the chance of lichen regrowth and maintain structural integrity.

Preserve your facility’s safety by keeping your roof free from lichen with our effective and environmentally-safe removal procedures.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels can be affected by the accumulation of dust, dirt and other debris over time. Regular cleaning and assessment is necessary to maximise your energy production and ensure your panels last. Our services to help you maintain your solar panels include:

  • Debris Removal: Careful clearing of dirt, twigs, and other debris using our industry-leading water-fed pole system to allow for sunlight exposure and longevity.
  • Hydrophobic Coating: Application of safe coating that repels water and keeps your panels cleaner for longer, allowing for greater energy efficiency.
  • Inspection and Reporting: We carry out a thorough visual inspection of each panel to identify potential defects or issues, and ensure they can continue functioning well.


Professional solar panel cleaning can extend the life of your panels and ensure the highest energy efficiency possible, keeping your facility running smoothly.

Need a more tailored solution?

If your business or facility needs something a bit more unique, we’re confident we will be able to handle it. All of our staff are equipped with industry-leading knowledge and a full suite of equipment to back them up, capable of ensuring your facility looks good as new. 

Get in touch with us about your needs and find out how we can help you.