Programmed Services

Prioritise the safety and wellbeing of people within your facility with responsive and effective sanitisation and outbreak cleaning. Ensure hygiene and health with preventative and responsive cleaning services.

Excellence for all time

Regular detailed cleaning and maintenance is integral for every hotel to continue providing exceptional service to guests. Our programmed services provide the regular upkeep you need with the level of quality and care you deserve. In addition to regular daily cleaning and housekeeping, we provide thorough services including:


  • Deep Cleans: Integrated into our daily service we provide 2 services per annum per room, focusing on every aspect of detail cleaning and asset maintenance. Our housekeepers are supported by our facility maintenance team to deliver a plan and suite of services specifically designed for your hotel. We cover everything from guest rooms to kitchen audit cleans and floor restoration.
  • Steam Cleaning: Integrated into your daily, weekly and monthly contracted services. Corridors are completed monthly on rotation, and rooms are done twice per annum along with deep cleans. Our aim is to exceed our client and guest expectations, ensuring that your guests are delighted and the life of your assets is lengthened. 
  • Pressure Washing: First impressions count! Remove lichen, dirt, stains and gum from pathways and entries. Ensure your facade presents at its best at all times. Programmed can integrate this into your regular service, or it can simply be provided on request at a discounted rate for GIAN hotel clients and programmed clients.
  • Mould Remediation: Mould can be a constant fight due to airflow, dampness or poor cleaning and maintenance practices. Whatever the reason, we are able to remove the mould, treat the area and provide a process to eradicate the problem. It doesn’t have to cost more to have the right solution.
  • Testing and Tagging: As a valued hotel client we are able to integrate this into our service suite at a much lower cost. Our Facility Services team are all certified and trained to provide this service. As part of our safety schedule every piece of electrical equipment in our business is inspected monthly by our specialist and daily by our supervision team, which we extend to our clients at a very low cost while on site.


Our comprehensive programmed services can be customised to suit the unique needs of your hotel, ensuring it remains the hallmark of luxury and excellence that your guests expect. We deliver our leading services every 6 or 12 months, or at a tailored time frame to suit you.

 Impeccable standards, attention to detail and a commitment to customer service — that’s the GIAN® way.

Nothing stays clean forever, but our standards and techniques get us pretty close. Our housekeeping services ensure your hotel rooms are all kept neat and tidy throughout the day and between guests, and that every public space is free from stains, dirt and rubbish. Your guests’ comfort is our highest priority.

Every good hotel offers first-class hospitality. Our kitchen and hospitality stewarding services and audit cleans ensure your staff are only working in the best conditions.

Cyclical cleaning included in your service agreement to regularly keep your hotel in perfect condition.

Need a more tailored solution?

If your business or facility needs something a bit more unique, we’re confident we will be able to handle it. All of our staff are equipped with industry-leading knowledge and a full suite of equipment to back them up, capable of ensuring your facility looks good as new. 

Get in touch with us about your needs and find out how we can help you.