Housekeeping & Public Areas

Ensure your hotel and public areas are kept in 5 star condition everyday. Enhance your reputation and maintain the highest quality of guest comfort.


Guest Rooms

Attention to detail and cleanliness of your hotel rooms is critical to ensure an excellent guest experience. Marrying your services with the experiences of front office, food and beverage and guest requests is all designed to deliver the ultimate guest experience.

  • Perfectly Presented Beds: Every bed is made to look perfect, every single time, with fresh linens, clean pillows and other bedding items ready for the next guest.
  • Clean and Sanitised Rooms: Dusting, cleaning and sanitising of all fixtures and surfaces, including countertops, bathrooms and mirrors, making the room feel like new.
  • Attention to Detail and Presentation: We thoroughly prepare each room and ensure it is presented perfectly to every new guest as soon as they arrive.


Your guests deserve to be treated with the utmost care and consideration for their experience. With GIAN®, you can ensure that all your guests have everything they could need for a comfortable and memorable stay.

Public Areas

As guests move through your hotel, it’s important to keep every space ready for their use and free from any detracting elements. The cleaner your hotel, the better the experience for your guests. Our professional public area cleaning includes:

  • Entrances and Lounges: Spotless and welcoming atmospheres at your entry points and high-use areas, including reception desks, floors and all furniture.
  • Dining Areas: Hygiene is prioritised in all eating areas and tables, chairs and floors are kept thoroughly sanitised and ready for every new diner.
  • Corridors, Elevators and Stairs: High traffic areas can attract dirt and smudges easily. We pay special attention to ensure every surface is completely clean and safe.
  • Function Spaces: Maintain the high quality and appearance of your special event spaces, with furniture arranging, surface and floor cleaning, and careful tidying.

Focus on your primary hotel operations while we look after the appearance and maintenance of your space. With tailored equipment and the highest standards, your guests will have nothing but positive reviews.

Nothing stays clean forever, but our standards and techniques get us pretty close. Our housekeeping services ensure your hotel rooms are all kept neat and tidy throughout the day and between guests, and that every public space is free from stains, dirt and rubbish. Your guests’ comfort is our highest priority.

Every good hotel offers first-class hospitality. Our kitchen and hospitality stewarding services and audit cleans ensure your staff are only working in the best conditions.

Cyclical cleaning included in your service agreement to regularly keep your hotel in perfect condition.

Need a more tailored solution?

If your business or facility needs something a bit more unique, we’re confident we will be able to handle it. All of our staff are equipped with industry-leading knowledge and a full suite of equipment to back them up, capable of ensuring your facility looks good as new. 

Get in touch with us about your needs and find out how we can help you.